Welcome to Munjoy Hill. This is the place to be. Over the past ten years, one awesome restaurant after another have opened in the heart of the Hill. The Blue Spoon and The Front Room were some of the earliest openings - BLVL and Lolita Vinoteca came later. Of course, not only restaurants came into our neighborhood. Rosemont Market and the Hilltop Superette offer groceries and prepared foods, Hilltop Coffee is our neighborhood meeting spot, and beautiful shops like Willa Wirth and Urban Dwellings have home goods and handmade jewelry. The St. Lawrence Arts Center and the Good Theater offer theatre and live music, and Fort Allen Park has outdoor summer concerts with food trucks galaore. Of course, the crown jewel is the Eastern Promenade: Munjoy Hill’s seaside “front yard”. 

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Lolita Vinoteca offers traditional, beautiful Mediterranean cuisine every day.  Brunch on the weekends, dinner all week long.  Small, medium, large or larger plates: whatever meets your needs. Espresso from a vintage machine or a hand-crafted cocktail: this is another perfect place on The Hill.   


Hilltop Coffee has your fresh bagel with cream cheese, egg and sausage on a muffin, or chocolate-covered biscotti.  Americano, Cortado, hot cocoa or a cold brew.  All good and open all the time.


Since 1940, the corner of North St and Congress St have housed several markets... Mangino's to Colucci's to the current Hilltop Superette. You will go here often; it is inevitable with local and organic brands as well as the basic grocery items you need.  Seafood to ice cream and everything in-between.